Our Vision

We were told to go to school, get a degree and then get a job. People call it the typical cycle that every normal human being should follow, retire, and die. We’re forced to go through the same route as others, go under debt and die paying those and be one of the individuals in the crowd.

Fuck that typical life, fuck what they say, and fuck those low-minded people. We’re the new starting to the remarkable future. We’ll die with memories, not dreams. Are you ready to join us on our new journey and change your lives? Before that, ask yourself where your life is heading.

No matter what background you have. We’re here to help you, and so is our store.

This is the Velston Project by TheCluster.

About us

Not another clothing brand.

Velston is a brand powered by TheCluster. Afan, The CEO, and Founder of TheCluster, along with his team and Varun, began Velston with a vision to build the most high-grade quality attire for our customers and onlookers. Especially, For enthusiasts, those who chase their dreams and make them a reality.

Afan and his team have a strong passion for originating and managing a merch store. We’re focusing on growing the brand with a lot to learn and develop. We’ve always admired clothes which are clean, modern, and mild look. That’s what we are trying to accomplish with Velston and bring new ideas to the table. We’re striving to make something significant and try to stand out from the crowd. Building this brand is a challenge to ourselves, as we are new to this industry. We are envisioning Velston as a successful clothing brand in the next few years and striving towards it. Want to help us? Head towards our inventory.

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